Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef in Upwey!

I finally managed to find the time to see this wonderful Satellite of the worldwide project. It happens to be about 5 minutes from home, so I visited Friday, then again today with my camera, 2 different groups of friends, 2 chances for a coffee!
Sadly, it finishes tomorrow 9th Jan at "Burrinja" the Arts Centre and Cafe on Glenfern Rd in Upwey.
 Hurry!  Well worth a look!

Many people, of all ages, have crocheted pieces for this fabulous project combining Maths and Craft, while highlighting the effects of Global warming on our Reefs and the huge impact of Plastics on our Oceans.

(A little fuzzy, still learning about my Flash/Focus )
This section of "bleached" coral was amazing! It was hard to pick the few pieces of  "real" thing from the crocheted  pieces. 

Even a little Nemo!
All this crochet is making me think it is time to get some more Crochet Workshops happening at
Precious Purl.

If you do get to Burrinja!! Check out the beautiful paintings in the Cafe, painted by my talented neighbour, Gabrielle Ridgeway!

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