Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Workshops workshops workshops!

Workshops are happening at Precious Purl!
Register your interest by email or visit Precious Purl for more details.

Saturday 8th May 1.30-3.30pm      $40
"Bowled Over" Crochet Hats/Beanies/Berets
This is a follow up class to our Introduction to Crochet where participants made a necklace.
 (see post on 23rd March) Feel free to join us even if you didn't do this class, only a basic grasp of crochet is needed.
This promises to be lots of fun with Penny O'Neill of Artrageous Fashions and Alice Springs Beanie Festival fame! Penny is a magnificent story teller, a recycling queen and a fabulous teacher. Her crochet skills were pitted against a world record on "Rove" -ask her to tell you the story??


Saturday 22nd May 1.30-3.30pm  $30
Beginners Knitting class.
(Bek)Rebecca Scott of Calico House will run this class for those people keen to learn this wonderful craft.
This class is particularly aimed at those around Bek's age(26) but her bubbly personality will enthuse all ages.
Bek has been a passionate Knitter since her Nan taught her and she is one of Precious Purl's best customers, after all she does just work downstairs!!! Follow up classes will be discussed on the day.

Saturday 5th June  1.30-3.30pm  $40
An Introduction to Felting   - a Demonstration and some participation class.
This will be an absolute beginners class open to all those wanting to learn about the materials, techniques, and enthralling possibilities of wet felting. A Kit to get you started will be included in the cost.
Your Tutor will be Catherine Byatt of Feltazia. Catherine has held exhibitions of her wonderfully theatrical garments and in particular hats, showcasing her amazing use of fibre and colour.

Contact us soon, some places filled already.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Crafting with friends....

What could be better than getting together with friends over a great lunch, lots of coffee, conversation and crafting!!!!

Definitely the home of a Craft Fanatic, note the handiwork on the coffee and teapots!!!

A "bad hair day" hat on circular needles!

A face/dish cloth knitted on the diagonal, reminds me of knitting classes at Primary school or was that Brownies?? I remember the pale green colour that looked decidedly grubby by the end!

A beautiful Quilt-as-you-go work in progress.
Another productive and fun day, thanks Lori!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kanzashi - Kimono House

I'm always looking for ways to use my buttons!
 Kanzashi are traditional Japanese fabric flowers created with beautiful  fabrics and used as hair adornment by Geishas.They look great with a button in the centre! Wonderful for brooches, hair clips, bags etc.
I attended a workshop at Kimono House last week run by Leanne, where I put my stiff little fingers to work in folding, as in Origami, but with fabric! This was a lovely change for me to get out and see all the wonderful Creative spaces in the Nicholas Building, cnr Flinders Lane & Swanston St Melbourne.
The creaky, self operating lift is scarey but I had to get to the 6th floor and that is TOO many stairs for the old legs! It didn't get stuck thank goodness but I'm sure it does sometimes!
Just had to drop in to see Buttonmania on the 2nd floor and Kate was having a sale!!!! My lucky day!!
I thoroughly enjoyed my Autumn outing and the results were GREAT! Don't you think??

Monday, April 12, 2010

Precious Purl commonly called "Treasure Trove" or "Aladdin's cave"!!!!

I thought I would post some pics of Precious Purl as it is looking quite "scrummy" at the moment!
Some new lighting means we can now see it all! No dark corners at last.
What do you think?
Worth a look? Drop by and say Hello!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Meet the Winner!

Just a quick post to introduce you to the winner of our Birthday Goodies Basket give-away.
Pauline and her husband Peter, have been regular customers of  Lara Downs/Precious Purl and were delighted to come and pick up the winnings. Pauline was pleased to see the buttons I squeezed in and is now waiting for Peter to knit her something to match them!!         I can feel the envy!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Daylesford Maker's Market

It was great to see the Daylesford Maker's Market thriving last Saturday. So many people flock to this small town at weekends. I keep promising myself to go visit during the week, when I know it is much quieter and easier to get a parking spot!
The display by Amber Brennan, a Graphic Designer, caught my eye immediately! You may know how much I luv BUTTONS! Amber is doing clever things with resin! The bangles with buttons set into the resin were gorgeous! Unfortunately my hand was too broad to fit, a la "Cinderella"
Amber can be contacted at amberlucy4@hotmail.com

Another Artist doing great things with yarn, (very close to the heart of Precious Purl fibreholics), is Martine of www.greenolivedesign.com.au
One of her knitted/crocheted Entangled Scarves really wanted to come home with me!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Winner is.........!!!!

The Winner of our Birthday give-away is Pauline of Geelong!!! Congratulations!  I know she will love the goodies packed into the basket. There has been much drooling over these goodies while it has been on display at Precious Purl. Thank you everyone for  entering.
Have a great Easter break! I'm off to the Daylesford Maker's Market this morning and I'm really looking forward to it.