Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kanzashi - Kimono House

I'm always looking for ways to use my buttons!
 Kanzashi are traditional Japanese fabric flowers created with beautiful  fabrics and used as hair adornment by Geishas.They look great with a button in the centre! Wonderful for brooches, hair clips, bags etc.
I attended a workshop at Kimono House last week run by Leanne, where I put my stiff little fingers to work in folding, as in Origami, but with fabric! This was a lovely change for me to get out and see all the wonderful Creative spaces in the Nicholas Building, cnr Flinders Lane & Swanston St Melbourne.
The creaky, self operating lift is scarey but I had to get to the 6th floor and that is TOO many stairs for the old legs! It didn't get stuck thank goodness but I'm sure it does sometimes!
Just had to drop in to see Buttonmania on the 2nd floor and Kate was having a sale!!!! My lucky day!!
I thoroughly enjoyed my Autumn outing and the results were GREAT! Don't you think??

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