Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Something a little different at Precious Purl!

I have been lusting after a gorgeous Art Journal that would showcase some of the gorgeous goodies that we have at Precious Purl, for quite some time!

Of course I could have had a go at making it myself but  ....
when Ro Bruhn robruhn.blogspot.com and her friend Elizabeth Armstrong elizabeth-armstrong.blogspot.com visited our space a while back I had the perfect opportunity!

Aside from feeling in awe of these 2 talented Artists .... in my shop at the same time!!! .... and being a devotee of both their blogs and their Art, it was such a pleasure to meet them both.

So now, Ro has made just for me!! and for our customers to enjoy, the most gorgeous journal!

 The cover is hand felted and stitched with lots of bright buttons along the spine. An absolute must for a passionate button collector like me!

I love the stitching on these lustrous Sari silks and the fabulous Tyvek bead.

  There are many beautiful painted, stamped and printed pages along with the fabric pages featuring our vintage Indian Sari remnants.

That amazing flower is cut from a plastic plate on which Ro mixes her paints!

Thank you so much Ro, I love it!!
Available now at Precious Purl for lots of OOHHs and AAHHS!!
UPDATE: 1.There are still vacancies in our Crochet and Felted Flowers Workshops, see the  previous post! 
                  2. Latest on our premises!! - hanging in until at least the end of September, stay tuned!