Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Precious Purl sponsors Team Road Runner

Precious Purl is sooo proud to be involved in a huge fundraiser for Cancer Research. Fab cause, not so fab name, the Shitbox Car Rally has raised over $1m during the course of this year. Teams find an old vehicle, less than $1000 in value and undertake to raise a minimum of $4000. This is for the "privilege" of driving this vehicle (in 2013) from their home destination (being Melbourne for us) to Adelaide to Fremantle via ULURU in 7 days.
So, owned by Dad, sponsored by Mum and Aunt,   (aka PRECIOUS PURL)  and driven by Son and Wife as part of  their honeymoon, this Magna Wagon is well on its way to Kalgoorlie today and has not missed a beat!

At home in the garage all ready to go after some decorating!

Awesome background and going well on Day 4 from starting point in Adelaide.

We love this vehicle taking part as Team KnitBoxers. Congratulations on all the work!

Well Done to Scott and Eloise ie.Team Road Runner, an amazing thing to do as part of your honeymoon, we are so proud of you both. Drive safely and have fun!