Monday, May 3, 2010

Here's Beck!!!!

Let me introduce you to Rebecca Scott who will run our
Introduction to Knitting Workshop at Precious Purl on Saturday 22nd May 1.30-3.30pm. I asked her to write a little something about herself so that everyone can see how perfect she will be as the tutor.
Take note of the gorgeous pink Cashmere scarf made from Lara Downs yarn, of course.

An Interior Decorator with a passion for craft,
Rebecca Scott spent many years living with her grandma, whose influence led her to knit from a young age.
Beck considers herself fortunate to have grown up in an environment where knitting, crochet,sewing and embroidery were a normal part of life. In her work and craft pursuits Beck adores working with natural fibres and using her flair for colour.
A "chameleon" of craft, Rebecca also enjoys sewing, jewellery making, cake decorating and painting but knitting continues to remain a favourite pastime.

"Knitting is such a beautiful craft, I love the rhythm of knitting simple stitches and the sense of achievement in nutting out a complex pattern. Knitting allows you to create what you want in any style,colour and material you choose. It's such a great form of self expression."

Rebecca is an energetic, bubbly young lady and her passion and creativity will delight all ages. She is especially enthusiastic about sharing a fresh look on this timeless craft with a younger generation.
Send an email to get all the details for this workshop and others to be run at Precious Purl.

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