Monday, July 19, 2010

Australian Wool & Sheep Show - Bendigo

What a huge, long weekend !! Precious Purl made the trip to Bendigo for this amazing show, the largest of its type in the Southern Hemisphere. We met so many customers, old and new (not talking about birthdays here!) It was so busy and a bit of a blur, but great to see you all.
We joined up with the merry Ravelry band on Saturday night for dinner. It was awesome to see so many knitters/crocheters working away while chatting, eating and drinking.  

Here's the divine Miss Kylie Gusset taking photos in the Precious Purl/Lara Downs stand, no doubt for her next feature in a yarn magazine!! while Pam looks after business!!(sorry about the blur, the eyes weren't functioning very well on limited sleep! and I didn't manage any other photos for the weekend!) The Lara Downs yarn still looks luscious!
If you missed the show this year, make it a must for next, it just gets bigger and better.

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