Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cram Jar Dyeing!

I had a day last week to enjoy a Dyeing workshop with friends. It was such fun! I am still trying to find the time to rinse all my fabric - 24 jars each, with 24 different colours! That's a lot of jars to find for 7 ladies!

We had the perfect venue, outside but under cover, as it decided to rain. We were not deterred as we mixed our potions according to the recipe. 
We are now so well organised that I can't wait for our next day when I will dye some yarn, muslin and crinkle cotton!
Some of the pieces drying on my Mum's old clothes horse.

The first few dry, ironed and folded. Just gorgeous, vivid colours with subtle colour variations, just the way I like it! Now!! What will I do with them?

UPDATE: The completed Rainbow! How Delicious!
A bit heavy-handed on the blue end of the spectrum, but it is my favourite colour range!

Meanwhile, back at Precious Purl!!! We had a Crochet workshop yesterday with Penny O'Neill.
I was so busy I forgot about the photos. Everyone seemed to have lots of fun! 

Please Note: Our next scheduled workshop- Cobweb Felting with Pam Goble is booked out. I hope we can persuade Pam to run another later in the year!

We still have vacancies in Jude Skeers Knitting workshop on 14th May - see 22nd Feb post on this blog or email me for details if you are interested.

A Reminder: There is still time to get a ticket in our Birthday giveaway! See the previous post!

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