Thursday, January 5, 2012

Holidays, Computers and Sales!!

Happy New Year to all my lovely readers! We are in Holiday mode at Precious Purl, that is, only open on Saturdays during January. (see the previous post for actual dates)

 We have spent lazy days in our caravan parked in my sister's beautiful garden.

 This has been the delightful view from my bed each morning, woken by the country sounds of roosters, kookaburras and noisy corellas! A gorgeous garden filled with roses.

 My Christmas gift of a wonderful Art set to my 5 year old great-niece was much enjoyed by Mum and Auntie too! Must foster those creative genes!

A lot of time was spent  in this deliciously cool pool!

Mr Purly and our much loved diabetic Burmese, El,  preferred the Hammock! Yes! she came too and loved her country holiday!

I have had a more thorough audit of my blog posts and find that I am really only up to 95 posts so the promise of a 100th Giveaway will be a little while yet!
The 2012 Computer gremlins have made it impossible to update our website and to update the sales for our online Summer sale. SO we will continue the sale until the end of January, when hopefully the Computer Techs are back working!
Feel free to email and make an offer on items listed. Pam will then let you know if goods may have perhaps already been sold! All online Sale items are available at Precious Purl, plus many others. Visit us on one of the Saturdays in January and get yourself a bargain. Enjoy your holiday crafting!

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  1. I'm so incredibly jealous of the pool (except not in this current wintry weather.)