Sunday, April 14, 2013

Family Wedding!

Just indulge me a little, while I rave about the much awaited family wedding of our only son, before I get to Precious Purl stuff!
The Gods shone on us with an absolutely beautiful day and as the ceremony was to be on the beach - we were so lucky! The bride was gorgeous, groom so handsome, all attendants were sooo colourful, everything they had planned was sensational and thoroughly enjoyed by all guests. Our hearts were full to overflowing!

 That's me in the blue, thought I would blend in with the Sea! I was so pleased I had gone for the flats on the sand, so much more comfortable than that sinking sensation my friends were finding! The Bride and Bridesmaids ditched their shoes and went barefooted!
Only a Mother would notice, but just as the bride arrived, I realised my son had his phone and keys in his pockets!! Why?? He was not driving, or ringing anyone, they were all there!! It ruined the line of his pants! but as I said, too late to grab them from him!
Everything else was perfection!

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  1. What an idealick setting for the wedding. I'm so glad the weather was perfect.