Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Amazing weekend!

What a great weekend! My Christmas present from my wonderful partner was a trip to Canberra to see the Post Impressionist Masters exhibition at the National Gallery. Unfortunately, as it was a long weekend many others had the same idea! Sunday's queues stretched for at least 400m with a waiting time, I heard from one visitor, of 4 hours! Not for me!
 We had lots of other wonderful things to see. All the touristy bits, Parliament House old and new, War Memorial, Telstra Tower etc.and what a beautiful place Canberra is! It's about 30 years since we visited, and looks even better now. The Old Bus Depot Market was a highlight for me along with the Glassworks.
I couldn't go all that way and not see the exhibition, so we braved the queue on Monday with only a 2 hour wait, some of it in the rain I might add! My awesome man braved the queue, with lots of interesting people from all over the country to talk to, whilst I went back and forth seeing all the other exhibits.
Finally saw the Masters! It took my breath away seeing these paintings that I had become so familiar with in 15 years of Art Teaching- worth the wait? YES!
Back home!!! We had been hit by the storm! One very dinted work car, a write-off,( those hail stones really were as big as golf balls, our neighbour had saved one in the freezer to show us) roof tiles broken with water running through the down lights on to the carpet and huge piles of debris to be cleaned up.Could have been worse!
No photos at all to highlite the happenings but I will post a picture later of the beautiful Nuno Wrap I bought at the Market. I couldn't go all that way and not buy something, could I??

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