Friday, September 24, 2010

Blending and Carding! Carding and Blending!

This is what has been happening at Precious Purl lately! Gathering of gorgeous stuff - wool top, silk top, mohair top, mohair curls, silk fibre, threads and sparkle in colour ways that we love.
Some Smudge, Cumin, Mink, Bullion and toning silk fibre in this lot, pull it apart, mix it all up and feed into the Drum Carder.

Wind and wind, minding your fingers on those spikes!

Here's the first blending!! Looking good!

Back into the feeding chute and wind some more!
Nicely blended! Ready for Spinners and Felters and all fibre lovers!
Into a pack and ready for sale! 50grams for $9.95!
We have these in stock now in a range of colour blends, but just ask if you want a special mix!
That  large electric carder Pam is lusting after and has even ordered! - will make this fun task, even better!

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