Sunday, October 31, 2010

Felting Play Day!

If you have been to Precious Purl, you may have wondered just what was behind the screen dividing the mezzanine space??
It was the accumulation of many years of hoarding by our Landlord!! With some gentle persuasion the STUFF was rearranged, not necessarily thrown out, to make a great space for our Felting Play Day yesterday.
So, in spite of the very wet weather, we had a great demonstration and play throughout the day with enthusiastic beginners of all ages. We plan to do this again if you missed out this time.
 A big thank you to Catherine of Feltazia, for sharing her expertise and enthusiasm. She even gave me a gentle nudge to do the Nuno felted scarf/wrap I had been planning for some time. I will show you the finished piece next post - it looks great!

Here's a shot to show you just how great that extra space looks.
It's on our wish list !

Hayley, planning to do Textiles as a subject for VCE next year, had a great time playing and absorbing as much info about felting as she could.This piece, in the process of being laid out, with merino/silk and lace embellishment turned out really well, a great sampler to be used next year.

If you would like to be on our mailing list to hear about the next event, just leave a comment here or send an email (go to my profile for the address) or see our website

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