Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nuno Felted scarf

At our Felting Play Day on Saturday, I found enough time to make myself a scarf I had been planning for a while.
This gorgeous Turkish Red Felbi and the beautiful silk scarf were a perfect match for my Nuno plans.

I cut the silk into irregular shapes and laid them on the Felbi prefelt base, rather like crazy paving.

This is much closer to the real colour than the "raspberry" in the previous pic taken quite some time ago.
I had lots of help with the rolling as it is time consuming and takes its toll on my aging neck and shoulders.

The fabulous King of Hearts coat hanging in the background, was made by Catherine Byatt who was our Felter-in-Residence for the day. Her last exhibition, based on the Alice in Wonderland story  was "Awesome!"
The coat detail was made with the same Felbi I used as the base in my scarf. 

Here is the finished piece, (although I am thinking of adding a little black embellishment ) perfect for the wet and cold Spring weather we are having in Melbourne, but really meant to wear with my black coat next Winter. Not bad if I do say so myself!
The Felbi Planks approx 35x200cm and $18, are available from Precious Purl in a good range of colours.

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