Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Down and Out but Looking Forward!!

It is quite a while since my last post but sooo much has happened!
 We moved our entire shop downstairs for our 5 day  "POP DOWN" shop and what a success that was!
So much attention from passing shoppers as at last we had great windows for display and so many wonderful customers coming to take advantage of the big discounts.
Thank you to everyone who made the special trip to see us before we disappeared!

The packing and moving was exhausting even with the help of great friends and family, so we are catching our breath, as we continue to scour the Commercial Real Estate and close neighbourhoods for something that has just the right vibe for us! Thank you to all the customers who have made suggestions of spaces, we are working on these too!

While all this was happening I managed to grab 25 minutes on my way to the shop, to drop into the annual sale day for The Victorian Button Collectors Club. I was not going to miss this chance to build my button stash, so a few pics of my loot!

I looove big Buttons! 

I could not go past this gorgeous collection of red and white made by Robyn Caddy, to adorn my neck!
Quite a statement piece!

Please stop by the Facebook page for updates as to where we will appear next!
The link in the sidebar is not working, so I will need to investigate the linky business and will look at getting  an Etsy page going too!


  1. Best of luck looking for the new shop space. Looking forward to visiting and purchasing from you again in the future.

  2. Thanks for the good wishes! We are searching and dreaming of that new space!
    Cheers Wendy