Saturday, October 27, 2012

Facebook Bargains or get in quick here!

Still looking for that elusive shop space that ticks all the boxes for us!

Selling of excess stock on Facebook is the place to be for bargains! I am posting something for Knitters, Crochet and Felters, so stop by

Todays post features Felbi Logs at a heavily reduced price. RRP is $54, now$32.40 and if you purchase more than 1 log, I may be able to reduce them a little more!!

Moss and Cumin are sold, but we have 1 more Cumin in stock.
The other colours in this pic are Turkish Red and Heath.

From l to r Rose Quartz, Urban, Flamingo and China Blue on top of the pile!

Send an email (see my profile) if you are interested in any of these and we do have a few more colours available. I will post more bargains on Facebook late next week, after we have had a few days R and R down on the coast!

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